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We humans are constantly looking for new ways to learn, entertain, and enjoy life. Caravelle-Tours tailors unique adventure trips that cover all these needs. Our goal is to give you experiences that create engagement, and give you the experience and knowledge you need to be able to trust your gut feeling when making personal choices.


Knowledge is a renewable resource that can be used over and over as long as you eat from the tree of knowledge. There are many entrances to knowledge: experience, reflection, meeting new people, new culture, own history and more. Our travels should not only be entertaining but also knowledgeable.

New energy

New experiences and new knowledge create renewed momentum in people and businesses. This awareness opens up new solutions, new understanding and new energy.

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Caravelle Tours is an agency working directly towards the corporate marked in Norway. Our business philosophy is to make it as simple and convenient as possible for our customers to achieve their goals by booking the best meeting rooms, seminars and adventures.We want each arrangement to be a good experience and evoke a good feeling of effortless travelling. Because of this, Caravelle-Tours works with a carefully selected group of DMC, airlines, hotels etc which caters to the corporate world.

The people working for Caravelle-Tours have worked in the industry for many years and have first-hand knowledge of what’s going on in the travel industry. We visit travel fairs around the world and participate in fam trips arranged by reginonal DMC. We put our pride in being up to date, and would appreciate potenitial business partners to contact us with information about their destination. If you would like to contact us with such information, please forward it it to

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General manager and owner

Lasse Bakke

As the general manager and owner of Caravelle – Tours AS, my vision has always been to make company – and group travel easier, more efficient, more culture – oriented and with a large and clear focus on quality, since the start of 2007.

With good academic insight, experience and expertise, in addition to creative solutions and ideas, Caravelle – Tours has proved to be a tour operator that delivers with great commitment. I am also concerned that Caravelle – Tours’ customers will see the social responsibility they become a part of when they choose to travel with us.

Caravelle – Tours supports, among other things, the charitable organization Landsbyfadder ( which provides solar panels to rural villages in Rwanda and we cooperate with companies run by women and also a center for icon painting in the West Bank. Through trade and cooperation, Caravelle – Tours adds local jobs and income to different groups in the world.

Our travel journalist

Johanna Podhorny

To be a bit philosophical, we are all on our way through life. Despite the fact that most of us are resident, we have the urge to stumble, so we dream about distant regions. I also read about Captain Cook, about Livingstone and Marco Polo. I read Helge Ingstad and Jack London so I chopped my teeth, so I lived in the ice cream. Far from the sofa I sat in …

Eventually, the dreams took a turn westward. Not exactly as far as America, but the Western Isles around the British mainland and north africa. It was not so important who owned the islands or what language they spoke.
Either way, I was fascinated by these islands in the west: England and Scotland, Ireland, Iceland. Hebrews, Orkney Islands, Shetland and Faroe Islands. Nordic, Roman and Celtic culture.

It will delight my travel heart and my angolish soul if you want to read about my adventures and escapades at home and abroad.

The road goes ever on and on …


Inger Lise Welhaven

“Our travels are tailor made”, Lasse said. And then I was sold. Because that’s exactly what I love about this business; to make a trip based on the wishes of those who are travelling. And even more fun if the group we assist doesn’t quite know what they want, and we are allowed to make suggestions for both destinations and activities!

I love England with all my heart. It started in the 1980s when working in the finance business with frequent visits to the City of London. Gradually I discovered that there is another England; That London is one thing, England something completely different. After countless trips I must admit I find England the most fascinating.

It was autumn, after leaving the finance-world, and the family decided to visit the Lake District in the north for the first time. That was really what opened my eyes to this genuine country, with its rolling landscape, Postman Pat villages, stone fences and sheep. The next summer we explored the southern coast with wonderful white beaches, old piers and bays filled with colourful boats.

At the same time I discovered all the opportunities that this country has to offer, with unique experiences such as the Goodwood Revival, Ascot racecourse, hats and long dresses on a Pulman train and luxury stays at old, traditional manor houses. Or walking from Coast to Coast. And so much more.

But most important; All the wonderful people. There is nowhere in the world I feel more welcome than here.

Due to particularly good relations with partners in Britain, we are able to offer tickets to almost any occasion. If you have a favorite that you have dreamt of, please try us. We will do all we can to meet your expectations. That’s why we call it tailor made!

The road goes ever on and on …

  • I bare tre ord kan jeg oppsummere alt jeg har lært om livet: Det går videre.
    Robert Frost
  • Livet er på mange måter som å sykle. For å holde balansen, så må du fortsette å bevege deg.
    Albert Einstein

Caravelle-Tours AS tar sitt samfunnsansvar og støtter solcelleprosjektet til Landsbyfadder, en veldedlig organisasjon som donerer solcellepaneler til fattige landsbyer i Rwanda. Les mer om prosjektet her:

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